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There is a lot of theory about leadership.  You will not find it here. 
You will find ... practical, relevant information for global women
in professional working environments. 


This website is filled with free resources - webinars, audio lessons, articles, and quizzes

 "Global Leadership Lesson for Women -- How to increase effectiveness and decrease stress"
A free one-hour webinar utilizing cutting-edge technology to be amazingly interactive and educational


“I love the software - very easy to use and extremely helpful. .... it gives you time
to really contemplate your answers and focus your business strategy. 
You are fantastic!”
L. Gettings, Managing Partner, Comprehensive PR Solutions


Yes, we are a business, and we make money by selling our services and products.  So, why do we offer you samples for free?  Because we believe so strongly in our ability to help you.   We believe you will immediately see the value of our resources.  Then, you will hire us to speak at your conference, conduct a workshop for your department, or consult with your company. 


 "I used the format we used in class to do my annual evaluations
for my staff.  I also listened w/o touching my computer (hard for me)
the results were great
.”  -- C. Watson, American Society for Engineering Education



Kelly Watkins in Antarctica


We provide you with the resources, training, and inspiration to learn skills and change behaviors in order to become an effective leader in a global environment.  We provide practical applications and relevant solutions to help you succeed on this ever-shrinking planet.
We help you combine the right mindset and mentality with pragmatic skills and techniques.  When you apply this winning combination, you become a leader who is prosperous (personally & professionally), productive, and profitable.  You are unstoppable!

My name is Kelly Watkins.
 As a Global Thought Leader, my passion is helping women become more successful global leaders.  I have traveled all over the planet (literally!) – all 7 continents and all 50 US states.  I have been consulting/teaching leadership and communication for 20 years.


As Founder and President of Expressive Concepts, it is my mission to help you succeed and excel as a female leader in a global world.

As the world becomes smaller, business becomes more competitive. In order for any country to be financially strong and develop economically, it must develop all of its potential workforce and talent - not just the male half.  If countries aren’t training and using their female talent, then they aren’t as competitive as they could be.

That doesn’t mean every woman (or every man) in the world must go to work.  It means that women have expertise to share and any country not tapping into this vast resource will eventually fall behind.  Why?  Because there are other countries who are utilizing this additional talented pool of people.


Who can be a leader?
You can!  You don’t need to have the official “title” in order to be a leader.
Leadership is an attitude.  It is a mindset, a way of looking at things.  It is not a title or a position.

Where can you lead?
You can be a leader anywhere - at work, at home, in your community, with your family, …


Educational Webinar
(Value = USD 147; Free to you!)


"A Global Leadership Lesson for Women

-- How to increase effectiveness and decrease stress"

Greetings:  Global Professional Women who feel invisible, unappreciated, or overwhelmed and want to become more productive (and personally-fulfilled) leaders in 2012.

 Discover how to increase effectiveness and decrease stress!

Join me for this new one-hour program where I will share with you practical, relevant techniques that will immediately improve your success as a leader.

1.  Learn how to use the one concept that will significantly decrease the amount of wasted time in your leadership roles. 

2.     2.  Discover how most of your leadership challenges are affected by one single element – and what you can do to overcome it.

3.     3.  Learn two easy techniques to drastically reduce conflict among your staff and your colleagues.   

4.    4.  Discover how to stay focused so you can avoid misunderstandings.

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“By using the skills we learned . . ., I am sure our members will be inspired to be more effective leaders within EWI
and their own companies. 
Your focus on effective communication has already enabled me to make improvements
in my written communications skills at Ernst & Young.”  --
Ernst & Young


This highly-interactive program is cutting edge.  Be ready to learn!  You will participate in six exercises, answer 10 questions, create an Action Plan, interact in a discussion forum, and even have fun homework.

“As a result, we were able to leave the session with actionable steps to improve our listening skills. 
Thank you Kelly!”
  J. Mulligan, Campbell Soup Sales Company

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Are you so busy leading people - that you forget the person?
Hear Kelly Watkins share an example that applies to you -
Regardless of whether you are leading your department, your family,
your association, or your own company.  Click here to listen.

Happy Leading!

Kelly Watkins

Global Thought Leader

President, Expressive Concepts


Combining high-tech with high-touch to help women learn to be more
professional, productive, profitable, & personally-fulfilled in a global world


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